“Infant Agility Festival rivaled Rio 2016,” claims over enthusiastic Year 2 teacher.

We’ve had an active week in year 2 starting with the Infants Agility Festival at Wodson Park Centre and also our sessions with Mr McNaughton who has been working on football technique. May I remind you that you are able to access the Fitter Futures website from home. Each child was issued with passwords for the various educational websites we have in school such as Mathletics, Purple Mash, Reading Cloud and the aforementioned Fitter Futures. I highly recommend that you make use of these excellent resources and I do want to set Mathletics homework soon so please look for those passwords. Please let me know if these passwords have found their way into the abyss with all the other school detritus such as water bottles, reading records, spelling logs, bits of PE kit and last year’s stale packed lunch. I do recall being the same as a 7 year old. I left an orange in a bag for several weeks. It evaded detection until I threw a softball in the bag with great force and caused an explosion. I also left a chlorine saturated towel in a school locker for a year. It made me a stronger person to have to remove it and face my mother. I do know that we are all prone to losing things. We can only hope to improve each day. On that matter, I have been talking with the children about developing their growth mindset, to not let mistakes bother them, to fall and rise without a glance backwards. They like the idea that their brains need exercise and I want them to know that talent without hard work is not enough. Ultimately we must all learn resilience and inner strength but above all we must learn to be better, kinder citizens. To quote the people of  Reception, “We must have sharing and caring hands.” What a wonderful world it would be if we did.

Mrs Davey

PS: I would have liked to have posted some of the photographs taken at the Wodson Park event but as the photos included some children who have not returned their consent forms I am unable to post at this time. This is unfortunate because in each photo I suggested there was at least one child who had not returned the form.