Eureka moments

They say a week is a long time in politics. They have obviously not considered the school time continuum. For in a school day, an hour can change the whole landscape. Friendships are made and lost and made again. Worlds are discovered. Hopes are raised and dreams are made. In a school day you can laugh and cry, sing, run and jump and that is just the grown ups. However, through it all we do an incredible amount of learning and discovering. We make connections. Such was one moment this week when a child told me that there really are ten ones in a ten. It is as if she was seeing this for the first time. I felt an excitement only paralleled by Elvis fans who claim to have seen him in their local Tesco. These are the moments that make teaching special. These and the moments when you find a sock that someone lost in 2014 and think to yourself, “I told you to look in the board games box, specifically in the Battleships game, didn’t I? That’s where a wayward sock ought to be! ”

We have also had some eureka moments in poetry writing We modeled our work on the poem Tell me Mama by John Lyons. The children worked collaboratively to create ideas which they then edited to create a group poem, such as this:

Tell me Mama,

Why are there 24 hours in a day?

Why is an acorn an acorn?

Why is a marshmallow squashy?

Why can’t you walk on your hands?

How can a duck swim and not sink?

How tall is the Eiffel Tower?

How tall is the tower of Piza?

How do you make lava?

Please mama tell me,

I want to know.

One example of the fine work produced in Year 2 this week. A final note on spelling. This week you may find that the spelling lists vary from child to child. This is because they have selected words from a broad list which they particularly find hard to spell. May I remind you all that these spelling logs are not in abundance. A school set was purchased to enable each child to have a complete set for their school year and the expectation is that they will look after their books. We have no replacements so might I encourage all to take care of their books.

Captain Davey