Nursery update

The Nursery children have been settling in well and are getting used to all the routines.  They are generally coming in happily and are ready to start their day with the ‘Early Work’ activities. Please encourage them to choose one of the ‘Early Work’ activities when you drop them off at Nursery.

Every day we choose 2 children from each room to be a ‘smiley badge helper’. They get to put their names on the board, wear a smiley badge and choose a song to sing.  Please encourage them to sing these Nursery rhymes at home as well. By hearing them and singing them regularly it will help children to tune in to the rhythm and rhyme which will support them with learning their letter sounds and phonics.

The children are participating well in their small group Adult-led activities. We have been reading stories, singing counting songs, drawing pictures and doing circle time activities to get to know each other and make friendships with our peers. We have also been talking about our behaviour and the rules at Nursery, such as walking inside and having ‘gentle hands’ and kind words. Please encourage your child to come and tell a member of staff if they are hurt or upset.

During Child Initiated Learning time, the firefighters role play outside has been very popular. We have been developing our social skills whilst taking turns, sharing the equipment and working as part of a team.  Inside Nursery lots of children have been exploring the painting. They have been using different colours and brushes and also printing with their hands or shaped sponges.  Do have a look at their art work on display on the walls in the green and red rooms!

The children are welcome to choose a book to borrow from Nursery as often as they would like, please make sure they return it before they borrow another.

They have been working hard on their self care skills and are becoming much more independent with their shoes and coats. Thank you for all your support at home!

Please book an appointment for a parent consultation meeting next week if you have not already done so.

Many thanks,

Miss Bowie