Coach sickness more likely than seasickness!

Every week, without fail, I am told that someone has failed to pick up their homework or change their book.

Every week, without fail, I stand and recite the following mantra,

“Make sure you have changed your book and have placed the new book in your bag.

Make sure you have your homework.”

Every week without fail I find pieces of homework on the floor. Today was no different.

I continue to hope for a better tomorrow.

A reminder that next week we are going en masse to the Cutty Sark and Maritime Museum. Thank you to those of you who have volunteered your time. We cannot take everyone but will try to balance volunteers throughout the year. I am very excited about this trip and look forward to sharing our experience with you. If your child suffers from travel sickness please ensure that they have the appropriate support mechanism, be it in tablet form or wrist bands. I have reassured the children that the Cutty Sark will not set sail and they do not need to worry about sea sickness. Most are convinced. Some remain worried. It will NOT set sail. It can’t.

We have had a wonderful output of writing this week. If you come along to the Show and Share session on Monday you will see our WW1 scrapbooks. We will also have a lesson so you can see how we do things in class and you can join in as a class member.

See you then,

Mrs Davey