Nursery news and photos from maths curriculum evening

News books and Reading Records

All children have been given a Reading Record book. Please use this to record any reading you do with your child. It could be books or magazines at home, from school or from the library. It is important that reading and sharing books is an enjoyable experience for all and we encourage you to do this as often as possible.

The children have also been given a News book. This is for you to write any news in, that the children want to tell the staff and their group about at Nursery. If they would like to draw or write in it too, please encourage this. When you arrive at Nursery please hand the news book to a member of staff so they can help the child to share their news with their peers.

Maths evening

Following yesterdays curriculum evening on maths, I have added a few photos below with some of the maths resources and activities that we use in Nursery.

Try and use lots of mathematical language with your children so they can develop their understanding, eg big, small, tall, short etc.

Encourage children to recognise patterns and create their own patterns using resources such as pegs, unifix or buttons.


Encourage counting objects or actions at every opportunity! Match the number of objects with the correct numeral.

Numicon is a great resource we use a lot at Nursery. Children quickly start to recognise the shapes and colours of each number. They enjoy making a ‘numicon sandwich’ using the ‘blue bread’ and finding a ‘filling’ using 2 numbers that fit together to make ten.

Bath time is a great time for water play and exploring the volumes of different containers. Model using vocabulary such as full, empty, more and less.

Encourage children to recognise numerals in the environment such as door numbers, phone numbers, prices in the supermarket etc. Encourage them to trace the numerals so they learn the shape of them. We say the rhymes on the number cards in the photo below to help them learn how to form numerals.

This week we have been making shape pictures and talking about different 2D shapes. Encourage them to talk about what shape the wheels on a car are, what shape a roof on a house is, which shapes roll, which are flat etc. Use vocabulary such as round, flat, pointy.

Play lots of games! Dominoes, games using a dice, such as snakes and ladders or ‘Whats the time Mr Wolf?’.

One of our favourite games is ‘Where is the spider?!’ . Take turns hiding the spider and saying where it is, modelling language such as in, on, under etc.

Explore using various construction resources to make arrangements and enclosures.

Number songs are great for supporting counting skills, some of the songs we sing at Nursery are:  5 little ducks, 5 speckled frogs, 10 green bottles, 10 fat sausages and 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive.

If you have any props this makes it easier to count the objects and more fun!

Please come and ask if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing you next Friday morning for the Show and Share session!

Miss Bowie