Are we there yet?

This is a view of the Cutty Sark taken from our trip on Tuesday. Within ten minutes of travel we were being asked if we were there yet. This proved to be a popular question. I can still hear it in my sleep. Our epic voyage was worth the wait.  What an impressive place it is. There were 3 levels to explore on board ship as well as the extraordinary items in the Maritime Museum. All of this paled into insignificance in the eyes of the children whose greater interest revolved around the exact time of lunch and access to the toilet facilities. Happily one such facility on the ship, a historical item of interest, was behind glass. There could have been a considerably embarrassing incident had it not been so protected. Once they had eaten the children were enraptured by the experience. I was very proud of them. I was also very tired.

Thank you very much to the adults who joined us on this visit. What a lovely day we had!

Mrs Davey