Deck the halls with boughs of folly!

Greetings to all people of Year 2!

We find ourselves now firmly in the grip of that condition known as ‘The Nativity’. For some this inspires fear and dread. Not so for those of us in year 2. The children are demonstrating all the signs of being a company of actors already. We have had people refusing to play the part they have been assigned, people demanding a bigger part despite my reassurances of the nature of ensemble theatre and everyone being equally important. We have had people commenting on the script and its weaknesses and an equal amount of complaint about my directorial choices. In one rehearsal I was basically marginalised as the children decided on stage management and choreography whilst I sat in the corner wondering about tables turning.  I am back at drama school again…

In other curricular news we have been looking at the nature of adding and subtracting two digit numbers and how best to explain our methods. I am thoroughly enjoying the various Mr Marmalade stories that the children are bringing in and feel utter joy that they feel inclined to write for themselves. Long may it continue! We are still working on the pirate topic and focussing on geography and the study of islands and continents. The rumours about Miss Sewel’s alter ego, Pirate Jenny,  are still circulating. There may be a cameo appearance of her toy parrot in the nativity if I am allowed to make any further directorial choices.

I am hoping that you have had success with the various usernames and passwords but do let me know if this has not been the case so we can try to rectify it as soon as possible. Also, notes about costumes will be going home soon.

Thank you for all your continued support,

Mrs Davey