‘Twas the night before the nativity and all through house, not a creature was able to avoid the nervous anxiety, not even the mice.

This week we are dominated by the events leading to the birth of Christ as told not only by the gospel writers but also an endless supply of nativity play writers who are their weight in gold, frankincense and myrrh. It is the season of Advent, clothed in purple and reminding us of the light waiting to shine in the world. Equally, we enter the final day of Hanukkah tomorrow, another festival symbolised by lit candles. The enthusiasm of the children, the unexpected eruptions during rehearsals, parents and their endless help with costumes, angelic learning support staff magically producing a set, the assistance of colleagues and back to the children whose smiles are a light in the darkness, I am grateful to all for their contributions and generous support which is a testament to an education served by a whole community and lit by smiles. 

Mrs Davey