Resolutely working in the new year!

It has been a fast paced return to the world of work for the people of Year 2 and there’s a whole lot of hard graft going on. We have begun to focus on gathering information and classifying as part of our maths studies. This has crossed into English where we have been examining and sorting questions and sentences. Materials have been revisited in science as part of the new topic – The Great Fire of London, and healthy lifestyles are part of the vibe through Funtrition lessons.

It came as something of a shock to various members of the class to find not only Mrs Davey but both her parents in the classroom on Tuesday morning. Worse still was the realisation that Mrs Davey comes from a family of teachers. What a horrible thought! Some couldn’t hide their amazement at this most terrible of situations. I will add that my parents are now retired and visiting the UK where they find themselves yet again flexing their pedagogical muscles. They will be assisting with readers and other areas of support in class. I am also indebted to Mrs Marsh for her continued help and generous giving of time.

Here’s to a bright, new year jam packed with learning!

Mrs Davey