The rumours are false!

I would like to point out immediately that rumours suggesting that there is no homework this week are false. I repeat : the rumours are false. When you log on to Mathletics you will notice that the children have been set two time tasks as this has been what we have been learning about in class. The children are getting to grips with a quarter past and a quarter to the hour. Time is always a challenge particularly as it is based on a seemingly random system, ie, base 60. Apparently a Swedish watch company designed a time system on the base ten system but had to remove its design quite swiftly from its advertising.

There have been examples of wonderful research and home learning. We have had a fire made from lego, a visit to Pudding Lane and an array of facts and pictures in the form of newspaper reports. Furthermore, it is wonderful to see the impact of this enthusiasm as the children write. They are working hard and I am thrilled to see this positive step forward.

Equally, I am pleased that the children are talking about their learning and bringing a sense of determination and perseverance to their daily lessons. Finally a quote to end this Friday missive

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller

Mrs Davey