Once upon a time in Reception

All the children are highly engaged in this terms topic on traditional tales. We have spent the last few weeks acting out stories including The Three Bears, The Three Pigs and the Three Billy Goats Gruff. As well as being lots of fun this has been an effective way to learn about story language and correctly sequence events. In Literacy last week we talked about story settings. In order to help the children build up their vocabulary we went for a walk amongst the trees, listening, touching, smelling and observing them closely. The children used this experience to more effectively describe and write about ‘the woods’ as a story setting. Our story focus this coming week is on The Gingerbread Man. In Literacy the children will learn to adapt the story by changing the setting and characters in order to retell and write their own original tales.

To help with writing please encourage your children to write about any pictures they may draw. In phonics we have learnt many digraphs and the children now need opportunities to practise reading as well as writing these through adding captions to their pictures. The phase 3 tricky words they need to learn to read and write are now in the back of their sound books.

Our maths focus these past few weeks has been to learn the teen numbers and gain an idea of place value. We have done this by stamping our ten toes once to symbolise one set of ten and using our fingers to symbolise the units or ones. For example fourteen would be one stamp and four fingers, twenty would be two stamps and zero fingers. We have also looked at doubling and halving numbers to ten. Over the next few weeks we will concentrate on number bonds to ten at first and then to twenty and look at different ways to represent this.

In science we have studied the properties of different materials and how effective they would be for building houses. We built straw, stick and brick houses then tried to blow them down. Next week we plan to test what happens to materials which are placed in water. Watch out Gingerbread men!! Our testing of frozen materials was sadly thwarted by the change in weather. Hopefully we’ll get another cold snap soon.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you all tomorrow.