This week in Year 6

This week has been on Spring 1 assessment week and Year 6 have worked incredibly hard. For this we used the 2017 SATs papers. As well as getting the children used to the style of the tests they will see in the SATs, it also gives a great insight into areas of the curriculum that they may be finding tricky. This helps to tailor any boosters, interventions and revisions to the specific needs of the children. The children will be bringing home these papers next week so that parents can look at them also.

However it has not only been testing in Year 6 this week! We have taken part in trials for the cross-county team, made circuits using copper tape in Science, learned about how to describe the weather in French and participated in the launch of the 500 word story competition.

I have also been amazed about the number of questions that were raised during our work on World War II and the evacuation process. This has run alongside our new class book – Goodnight Mister Tom.