And so say all of us!

As usual Year 2 delight me with their relentless energy and joie de vivre. Each week I observe them maturing a little bit more, deepening their understanding of the world around them and replicating the spring buds as their hard work opens their minds like flowers.

There is never a time without intense activity and change in school and so I will endeavour to give you an outline of homework, book day, Great fire of London day and any other bits of information that you may have heard on the school grapevine, bush telegraph, social media hoax hotline or wherever else the sources are for what is sometimes a rather bizarre account of what we have in mind. So straight from this horse’s mouth:

Homework consists of Mathletics tasks which have been assigned. As I have explained to and shown the children, I can see who has completed the tasks and how frequently they use the resource. There are some children who are not making use of this excellent tool and are missing out!

The other homework task is to do, make, write, create, design something related to The Great Fire of London. It is a free choice, the only stipulation being the subject matter and so it is an opportunity for creativity to flow wildly.

Today you would have received two letters from school, one about The Great Fire of London day and the other pertaining to staffing changes. The latter does not really have any impact upon Year 2. However, our special Fire of London day is another issue. Yes, you are asked to provide your child with a costume. If this proves to be difficult please come and speak with me. Furthermore, we do need helpers on the day (6), so do please volunteer!

Before this event, though, is World Book Day for which you should also have received information. This year we are asking children to come in costume if they would like to. The children have also been asked to create a book jar. Do let me know if you have not seen the information or if you do not have a jar. There will be opportunities for parents to come and read with their children in the library, simply to enjoy reading together in a different space.

The maths focus this week has been on deepening doubling skills and learning about capacity. In English we have continued to work on tasks based on “Fifteen things not to do with a puppy.”

Their versions of “Fifteen things not to do with a teacher, “ were hysterical and gave me a insight into what they consider to be unacceptable for me, for example,

Don’t force your teacher to eat slugs!

Don’t make your teacher paint her face as a bear!

Don’t teach your teacher to fly!

We have also continued to refine our comprehension work with the aid of our friends, Inference Iggy, Predicting Pip, Rex Retriever, Sequencing Suki and Vocabulary Victor.

If I did try to chronicle one week of our life in school, this would only scratch the surface. I certainly feel like I have lived an age in just a week.

Thank you for all the birthday salutations.

Mrs Davey