The magic of books

It was as if the pages opened and led us to a magical place where Alice met Gangsta Granny and they had a tea party with The Gruffalo. Year two overwhelmed me with their creative jars and costumes. It was a difficult task to select one to name as a prize recipient because they really all were superb.

On a more sour note I have had to jump up and down about times tables today. It is now Spring 2 and I am repeating my request from the beginning of the year. There are children who are not revising any work and subsequently are not able to recall facts for the 2X table. This is most alarming given how much we have covered in class! We can only dance, sing and play the tables so much. At some point there must be an amount of effort made by the children to internalise these tables and related number facts. I emphasise that it is not the whole class but there are too many children unable to answer very simple questions about the 2x tables. Similarly, I am concerned that children are not reading to adults four times a week, AT LEAST. It is getting to the point where I am ranting to health care professionals about this need to read at least four times a week to a grown up. I daresay that the person at the till at the supermarket is not interested in my complaints either. It would seem that my cats are not concerned, nor are they interested when I suggest story time. Thus, for the sake of my sanity and that of the people and pets I encounter in the community – please read and be read to…. and throw in some times tables to the mix.

Mrs Davey