Plague and pestilence

A. Reilly in the role of plague victim with Master Skitt as the doctor of doom.

A good time was had by all on Wednesday when we were visited by History off the Page. There was plague, pestilence but no pyromania. The children had an opportunity to discover, through practical activities, what life was like in the London of King Charles II. We must thank those parents who volunteered their time to assist us along with members of staff who had to step in as well. There was a well as well but members of staff did not have to step into it. It was reserved for the rats.

Could this be Boxton the rat? Ask your children to tell you about Boxton and Vlad….

Homework this week is restricted to Mathletics. Please log on to see the assigned work. If your child or children wish to complete other tasks they are most welcome to do so.

Mrs Davey