The problem with spelling.

I am going to start by celebrating a wonderful week back for year 2 who have settled into a routine of positive behaviour and learning. They have been working well and are enjoying the work they are doing with Miss Dawney who joins us from the University of Hertfordshire.

We are lucky to have enjoyed a cricket session this week and this will continue on Fridays so it is going to be necessary to have a PE kit both on Tuesday and Friday.

Highlights of this week have also included the wonderful stories I have read which the children have written as part of their homework.

And to clarify, I am not going to force anyone to sit in at lunchtime to redo their spellings. I am going to give them back their handwriting sheets with the list on it and they are to put it in their bags and have a go at home. They will do this as they finish their lesson before lunch, receive the sheet and I will oversee it going into their book bags. This should take them all of five minutes. Any longer and I run the risk of being in trouble with the dinner ladies. Spelling is like homework. Somewhere along the line, someone is going to be upset. Spelling does feature as part of our school development plan and we all feel the pressure of having to introduce challenging and complicated words. Added to this is the fact that English is such a conglomeration of multi faceted etymology, it is nigh on impossible to find consistency, which makes me wonder at the marvel of having to try in the first place. However, we are all having to remain united and INSIST on children knowing very clearly that they must keep trying and keep on working because it is their learning and I can see just how much better they are now as a result of their efforts.

Mrs Davey