Welcome to Year 6

First of all I would just like to say how great it was to see all the children again and how smart they looked in their school uniform. We have had a few lessons on tying ties and tucking in shirts but I am sure we will get there soon!

As with every week in Year 6, this week has been busy. Today we were lucky enough to spend some time on the Life Bus that a few of you may have seen on the small playground. Our session was entitled ‘Decisions’ and the children carefully considered different situation and how they might respond to them. I was really impressed with their thoughtful and considered responses. This session built on the work we had completed in class about stereotypes. The children have been challenged to bring into school pictures that either reinforce stereotypes or challenge stereotypes to stick into our scrapbook.

A special mention must go to Maisie who became the first year 6 to earn a leaf on our growth mindset tree for challenging herself with her learning. Well done Maisie.