Office Update – Friday, 22nd September 2017

Dear Parents

We have just a couple of updates from the Office this week:-

1)  Reception – Year 4 – Annual Nasal Flu Vaccination: A quick reminder again that the online application for the ‘flu’ jab, being delivered to children in Years 1, 2, 3, 4 and Reception class in October, must be completed by next Friday, 29th September at the latest. This form is sent directly to the NHS, so once the deadline is passed we will be unable to add your child to the list for inoculation at school. If you are having any trouble filling in the form, please pop into the School Office and we will be pleased to help you. If you miss the deadline and would still like your child to receive the inoculation, you can contact your GP and book directly.

2)  KS2 Specialist Sports Club – Premier Sport: Further to our bulletin last week, the KS2 Specialist Sports Club due to take place on a Wednesday afternoon has been withdrawn due to insufficient numbers.

3)  Reminder re KS2 children arriving at School:  School hours are from 8.55 am – 3.15 pm.   Children should not arrive at school before 8.30 am – unless they are registered with the Breakfast Club. 

  1. Children should gather on the Key Stage 2 playground when they arrive on the school grounds in the morning.
  2. There will be two members of staff on the playground just prior to 8.45am.
  3. At 8.45am, the bell will be rung and the class teachers will make their way to the KS2 playground.
  4. On the sound of the bell, the children will line up on the KS2 playground in exactly the same way as they already do at the end of their morning and lunchtime breaks.
  5. The class teachers will join their class and escort the children into school

Please remember: St Andrew’s staff will take on a duty of care to look after KS2 children from 8.45am when the bell is rung. Parents will continue to be responsible for their children until they line up at 8.45am. 

Finally, as Mrs Arnold has mentioned on her Update,:   “ In response to parental requests, we will now be holding separate ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions over a period of an hour from 6.30 – 7.30pm on Wednesday, 4th October.  This is to enable parents with children in more than one class and who could not attend during the recent day sessions, to see both teachers.  This does mean that we will now be postponing our Writing Curriculum Evening (date to be announced as soon as possible)”.

We apologise if the change in arrangements has caused any inconvenience but hope this arrangement will give our parents a further opportunity to meet their child’s/ren’s class teachers.

Wishing you all a very enjoyable weekend – hope the sunshine lasts!

Kind regards

School Office