The week that was in year 2

Hello people of Year 2,

As we enter this week I would like to remind you that the agility festival is happening tomorrow and that all children must have their kit! I think it would be most awkward to be lunging, jumping, prancing and generally sticking out like a sore thumb in school uniform when everyone else is in PE clothes. It is the stuff of memoirs and biographies everywhere….’lack of PE kit in Year 2 led to my demise in Westminster ”  and so on…..

Thank you for the steady flow of boxes. It is my intention to start on this project next week so feel free to send in anything that may resemble the outline of a tudor house this week as well.

I am very proud of the way the children are rising to the challenge of the work. This week we are embarking on number line work and looking at characterisation in Rapunzel.

A gentle reminder that reading to an adult is required 4 days a week mininum. The only way to become adept at reading comprehension is to be an avid reader. This is not something that can be done solely in class. I do give children time to read as well as to complete tasks but the more they do at home, the better they will be across the curricular spectrum. If they cannot manage the reading  4 times a week, please let me know. We have Bookworms on Friday and this is not, I repeat, not a punishment. The children read to librarians, ie, their peers, in a supportive environment. However, if you would like to let me know if you have a time issue, then I can try to put things in place to ensure the reading is happening.

Thank you to those of you who have come forward to help with reading. Thank you to all of you for your various contributions to our class life – it is all appreciated and important. It can be as simple as a smile at the door!

Miss Castillo