The role of the kazoo in harvest rites

People of Year 2,

What an extraordinary sound from the children this morning. I think we need to branch out and try our hand at gigs around the county. I gave in to the request of kazoos as prizes and will do what I can to engineer every child earning their kazoo in the subsequent months. So please be assured that I will move mountains to ensure that you all have one in your home.  Had I known earlier in my career that a kazoo is such a motivator I would have invested sooner in this most endearing of instruments. In all seriousness, the children were wonderful. They learnt the song quickly and delivered solid harvest entertainment.

Equally this week I have seen wonderful work in maths and real dedication and determination by the children to achieve their learning objectives. Superb!

In every class there will be social issues. Ours is no different and in a week where there has been some civil unrest within the Year 2 I feel the need to reiterate the fact that school is where children are learning to refine and control the instincts which are less acceptable within our ‘tribe’. The lessons learnt in school are ones which sustain us for life. People argue and battle with feelings of frustration. This is what we do from birth until our seven ages are complete. I am sure we can all recollect those instances in school when we simply wanted to lash out or hide or find another school where everything would be different. Alas, there is never an easy or straight forward way around this thing called society and our role within it. In school we provide frameworks  to develop skills that will help the children negogiate the expectations of our community. For some this is easier to understand than others. As a school community we are all responsible for continually and continuously showing the children how to behave and teaching them sternly but compassionately when they have made choices that impact negatively on their community. As the saying goes,  it takes a village to educate a child. Ultimately, it is a task of education. Some lessons are learnt with ease and some take time to master.

Miss Castillo