Collaboration for creation!

What an exciting week it has been in year 3.

We have been thinking about the bible story of creation this week and were tasked with the challenge of producing some art work to represent the 4th day of the story – ‘The sun, the moon and the stars’. After a few attempts at the artwork (and some discussions about having a growth mindset) we eventually produced some lovely artwork, pictured below.


As well this week, congratulations to Callum and Emily, our children of the week for both showing excellent perseverance in lessons.

In addition to this we have Riley and Holly who have taken home Horace and Henrietta this weekend – I look forward to reading their diaries.

A final congratulations to all children for another brilliant set of spellings results!

This week’s homework will be on mathletics – the children will have information on this in their homework books.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mr C