Year One Trip – Gunpowder Mill Visit

Year One have had a fantastic day at the Gunpowder Mill today. I am so proud of all the children and how well they behaved.  The children were immersed in the times of Guy Fawkes. We learnt lots about what it would be like as a child in the Stuart times. The children experienced playing games and recreated dances from this time. We looked at food that Guy Fawkes would have eaten including the love of rat in stew. The children created lanterns and made their own quill pens to write with ink on goat skin paper (all pretend!!!)

We finished the day with a theatre experience where lots of the children were part of the show. Etienne made a fantastic Guy Fawkes and other children became a fuse and barrels for his explosions.

Just a reminder that the Year One children can come in their own clothes bringing in sweets for the Christmas fayre on Monday.