Year 5 visit The British Schools Museum.

On Thursday 16th November, Year 5 visited The British Schools Museum in Hitchin. We had a great time and learned lots about life as a Victorian child. On our return, Molly composed this recount of the day:

“On Thursday 16th November, Year 5 went on a school trip to The British School Museum. It was very fun. We went to learn about Victorians. I think all of our favourite part was when we went in a room and it was how the Victorians would have a classroom. We each had a desk with a lid and under the lid there was a slate pencil (how they would have had it in those days) and a board made of slate to write on. We also had a rubber for our boards and a book for us to read from. My favourite part in the room was when we got to write with an ink pen and we got to dip it in the ink. The lady who taught us in the Victorian classroom, acted the way teachers would in Victorian times. She reminded me of Mrs Woodell and it brought back happy thoughts.

After going in the classroom, we went in a house that someone used to live in. The old headmaster used to live there with his wife and 5 children. The house was filled with their belongings.These included a picture of one of his daughters, a letter to a boy at the school during this time and the wife’s button box.

After lunch, we took part in PE. The PE was to teach the boys how to be soldiers in the army or navy. Finally, we played with some Victorian toys. I enjoyed playing with them. I did not think I would of as they were a bit old fashioned. We still have some of them now, like a yo-yo. It was my best trip so far.”

I was very impressed with the behaviour and level of engagement the pupil’s showed throughout the day. We will be using this knowledge throughout our topic of ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Miss Muncey