May the Force be with you…in Year 5!

Dear parents and friends of Year 5,

As we come to the end of our official Science Week, Year 5 have only just started their project into forces, gears and pulleys. On Monday, we were delivered a letter by Father Christmas. He was in desperate need of some assistance as he’d hit turbulence and crashed his sleigh into a tree. To make matters worse, all the presents that were being transported to the storage unit had fallen into a crater, we needed to save Christmas!

We started by investigating what forces were and the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces. Objects move when forces are not balanced but are still when they are balanced. We added arrows to indicate forces onto Christmas photographs.

On Tuesday, we helped the Secret Service elves reach the presents and assess the damage. They needed to get down into the crater… but how? We ingeniously came up with the idea to parachute them down to the bottom. This proved to be a fun activity whilst also allowing us to investigate the relationship between air resistance and gravity. A special shout out to Phil the hairy Blu-tack for being our stand-in elf!

Our latest mission was to design and build a sleigh for Santa to deliver the presents on Christmas Eve. Some of us added amazing gadgets to our sleighs, which we constructed out of K’nex. We really enjoyed this and it showed us the practical application for our Science learning.

Today, we tested out our sleighs on different surface types. These replicated a road, a carpet and a roof. Ask us how our sleighs performed…

We have learned a lot this week and look forward to carrying on this learning.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Muncey