Science Week in reception

What a fantastic week of exploring, predicting, testing, observing and hypothesising. Actually that’s a pretty normal week during our ‘Explore and Learn’ time in Reception class however this week had the added focus of looking at Christmas science. As we have been studying light over the past few weeks we made shadow puppets with moving parts and looked at the characters in the nativity story. We had to get the lighting just right for the puppets to appear clearly which took lots of experimenting. We also learnt all about circuits and how to make one in order for a bulb to light up then we tried putting different materials into the circuit and tested it to see if the light would still come on. We tried a conker, rubber band, pencil, paper slide and a safety pin. Which one’s do you think made good conductors of electricity? Ask a Reception pupil if you are unsure. Many thanks to those parents who came in to help us with these experiments. Such amazing scientists won the whole class the award of ‘Scientist of the week’ so we all got to share the prize, a giant chocolate Father Christmas. Yum!

On Thursday we also tested to see what would happen if we left containers of water out overnight however the water did not freeze. I wonder why?

We finished the week with a visit from Aydin’s mum who came beautifully dressed in her wedding sari. Aydin’s dad is originally from Sri Lanka and Aydin was able to show us how close this small country is to India by pointing to it on the globe. We learnt that in the Sri Lankan culture one marries in red where as in British culture the bride dresses in white. I have certainly learnt something new this week and we all got the chance to dress up and dine in the Indian restaurant after.

Enjoy our photos.