The power of vinegar

Science week is now a memory but the smell lingers in the classroom to remind us of the impact of the power of acid forming liquids, such as intense doses of vinegar applied to just about everything. It was, in the words of one young budding scientist, “like being in a chippie.” Such analysis defies response. We had fun and made discoveries along the way. Congratulations to Ruby and James for their scientific questioning, thinking and clear presentations.

Now we look forward to the final week of rehearsals and the tension is mounting. Will Mary and Joseph actually smile at each other? Do the shepherds remember their moves? Will the hosts refrain from arguing? It is all the stuff that makes this a magical season and I, for one, love it!

As I have now succumbed to the dreaded lurg, please, keep warm and well! Absence does rise at this time of year but the show must go on! Keep taking the vitamin c and keep smiling!

Miss Castillo