Dear year 2 community ,

By now you will be aware that we are not going to be performing the Nativity until Tuesday due to the adverse weather conditions. Certainly, in my neck of the woods, the roads are extremely precarious.

The children have been working hard both for the production and in their school work. We have been working on money and trying to find different ways of making amounts. Furthermore, the children had an opportunity to apply their letter writing skills by penning an epistle to Santa outlining the reasons why they might merit gifts.

I wish to endorse their claims. Some penitents were very clear that they had transgressed but are duly sorry and would like an iPod, phone and elf toy. They ask me what I would like for Christmas and seem very baffled at the notion of wanting sleep as a gift.

Again, thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you at our Tuesday performances.

Miss Castillo