Fairy bread Friday!

I never imagined as a child attending birthday parties in Australia that the native delicacy of fairy bread would make such a mark on me and my life as a teacher. Due to its simplicity it makes a super introduction to the art of writing instructions. How much simpler can cuisine get than bread, butter and hundreds and thousands? Every time I introduce this Aussie favourite, children are delighted by its idea and name. As a result, they write in an engaged way and obviously, ask if they can try it out. We had a great time with fairy bread Friday and I do hope that the children make fairy bread for years to come.

As part of our topic work this term we are looking at changes. With reference to history this means looking at historical events closer to our own time. Consequently, the children have a homework task where they will ask you and other family members questions about your childhood. I thank you in advance for helping them with this task.

Maths this week has been about 2D and 3D, prisms and non prisms, time and statistics. A variety of new vocabulary to learn. I was asked about times tables resources. Some children really enjoy learning times tables songs and there is such a resource on Mathletics as well as youtube where there is a whole collection of times tables tunes to help with this very important task. I must remind you that by now the children should be comfortable with the 2, 5 and 10 tables at least.

Miss Castillo