spelling books

This week in Year 1 we are having a real emphasis on writing sentences correctly (full stops, capital letters, no capitals within words, finger spaces). As part of this, we feel the children would benefit from learning how to spell words that they come across frequently in their independent writing. So, today they have taken home a red spelling book. Inside the back of the book you will find a list of words for the children to learn at home with you. The children will be tested on these words next Monday. The test will be written in the front of the book so you will be able to see the progress they are making. Please can the red books be left in book bags throughout the week. The words are a mixture of high frequency words, words containing phonics sounds we have covered in class and tricky words that cannot be sounded out.  We want the children to be gain confidence with their spelling in class as well as prepare them for Year 2. If you have any questions, please ask.

Mrs Thomas and Mr Price