Number Day 2018

Wow, what a fun day we have had at St Andrew’s! Today, we combined our love for number with our love of helping others. Number Day is a fundraising event for the NSPCC, which encourages the children to:

  • engage with mathematics in a new way;
  • understand the role of the NSPCC and its Childline service;
  • have fun with their learning and education;
  • understand more about staying safe online and in the world around them.

Each class has taken part in fun activities. A few examples include:

  • Reception focused on problem solving that revolved around using mathematical language and team work. They took part in team games that involved tallying and shape;
  • Year 1 made shapes out of string, took part in fun ordering activities and number jack problem solving;
  • Year 3 investigated how many times letters appeared in their playscripts. They analysed this data and made graphs and tallies of their results. They even took part in times table keep fit!
  • Year 4 used the upcoming Winter Olympics as stimulus for their Maths today. They were given the task of investigating who had sabotaged the bobsleigh! They cracked codes and worked as a team.
  • Year 5 played games using number! They tried to complete ‘Who Wants to be a Mathionaire’ (and completed it!) as well as investigating the purpose of Childline.
  • Year 6 involved the whole school in their activities! They conducted an investigation into the number of times a ball could be caught in a cup, and turned these results in graphs, finding averages and ranges.

Thank you to everyone who made this day a success, especially the children who wore such a wide range of number-inspired clothing.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Muncey