First Aid for children

I have just spent a very informative Sunday morning with my daughter at the KeepaBeats First Aid course for children.

She learnt about spotting hazards, choking, bleeding, broken bones, nose bleeds, recovery position, basic CPR…and lots more.

They have more courses on the website if you are interested, so have a look I would really recommend them.

I also learnt a few things – for example, I don’t have a proper First Aid kit at home (a box of half empty bottles of Calpol and some plasters doesn’t count!) and also that Harriet didn’t know our address to be able to tell an emergency operator – do your children know their address?

Although her bandages were a bit wonky, we had a great time and I feel she would definitely be more confident calling 999 in an emergency.

Holiday homework Year 1 –  get mummy and daddy to sign you up to a KeepaBeats first aid course and learn your address!