Learning about Traditional Tales in Nursery

This half term in Nursery we have been listening to lots of Traditional Tales. We have acted out The Three Billy Goats Gruff story in the garden. We have rolled and cut out Gingerbread men out of playdough. After hearing the story of Little Red Riding Hood we did a Tally Chart to see which character we liked the best, of course it was Little Red Riding Hood!

After listening to Goldilocks and the Three Bears we worked with some rolled oats in the tuff tray. We filled different sized bowls and had big, medium and small spoons.  Scarlett said she was “filling up the tiny bowl for Baby Bear.”

This week we have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs and some children have drawn pictures of houses made out of different materials and made pig masks

In November we planted some Daffodil bulbs in the Nursery garden and at Coppings Corner. We have been watching them growing but there are no flowers yet. We have had a bunch of cut daffodils in Nursery for the children to watch as the buds open up. Some children have done observational paintings of them and labelled some of the parts. We made some daffodils using card and tissue paper. Come and see our display in the green room.