Is this blog formal or informal?

This week in Year 3 we have been looking at letter writing in our literacy lessons. The children have explored a range of formal and informal writing styles, and over the coming weeks will be exploring a checklist and criteria for writing letters, finishing with creating some of our own.

We have also been continuing our topic of ‘Explosive Earth’, and will next week begin to unpick and use map skills, to see where some of the natural disasters we have studied might occur on our planet.

Homework for this weekend will be to learn songs 1, 2 and 3 from the Easter production song sheet in the children’s homework diaries. I have also put the children’s most recent turbo tables sheets into their books, alongside a blank sheet to have a practice at home. The children’s books have been changed today.

Finally a big well done to Lilly-Rose, Poppy and Carter who received their pen licenses today. I have no doubt there will be more children earning these over the coming weeks!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Chesterman 🙂