Spring has not quite sprung!

Welcome back one and all. It was lovely to catch up with you last week at parent’s evenings. Thank you from the team for all your support. We still need someone to hear readers on a Friday and now on a Wednesday so if you have a spare hour on either of those mornings we would be very grateful.

Thank you to everyone for doing such a great job on the homework. The children were tickled pink to be able to talk about their holiday antics and a flurry of activity prevailed with a pop up Circus appearing in the garden. We had many acts with children attempting to juggle, walk tightropes and show us tricks on the trapeze.  All these fabulous activities are so good in developing the core strength needed to aid pencil control and mark making.

We plunged into PE with work on travelling, jumping and landing safely. Everyone was engaged and testing out different ways of moving across under and over the equipment in the hall.

In science this week we are looking at plant parts and how plants grow. Not such great weather for it so we will be housing our newly planted bean seeds in the makeshift greenhouse. We had planned a spring walk for later in the week however I think we shall postpone that until we have some warmer weather.

The children are beginning to use their phonic knowledge when writing during their explore and learn time. Today we introduced spelling our tricky words. We use the ‘Look, spell, cover, write, check’ method and embrace our mistakes as something we need to work on for next time. The children did remarkably well for a first effort.

In math this week we are looking at coins and their value. We are trying to label them and point out their similarities and differences so that we can easily recognise them. Any shopping experiences with real coins would be greatly encouraged at home.

We’ve also been talking about the Chinese New Year celebration and how lucky we are to be free in the UK to celebrate so many different cultures and ways of life. The children wanted to build a Chinese school so we now have a place for them to further explore using chop sticks, painting Chinese numbers and dressing up in traditional Chinese clothing. We also tried some mindfulness techniques by looking at smelling feeling listening to and tasting a prawn cracker. Did you know they stick to your tongue then dissolve slowly. Why not try it at home.

This week in literacy we are looking at humor in books, songs stories and rhymes. If you have a funny four year old friendly joke then do bring it to school.

Have a peek below at all the other things we’ve been doing. Lela’s mum came in to read us the story of the Fox and The Crow in Greek and then she showed us how to write and speak some words of Greek. Bodie wanted to know how to say Shark in Greek.

We cooked pancakes and tasted different toppings discussing which choices were healthy – fruit choices, or unhealthy sugary sweet choices. Most children now seem to be aware that the unhealthy choices affect our teeth and body.

Finally, do take a look at our special people and the comments we made about why we love them.

Til next time TTFN (That’s Ta Ta For Now in Tigger speak)

Remember World Book Day is being celebrated here on the 8th March so there’s still plenty of time to get those costumes sorted.

 Team work on the adding machine