Books Galore

A huge thank you to all for your sterling efforts in dressing your children for book day. What an exciting start to that day with a Skype link to an Author in New Zealand. The children responded really positively to Mark Wilkinson (Mrs Taylor’s nephew) and loved listening to his story telling. We all love ‘Cheer Up Bryan’ and his latest book about bad manners. So inspired were we that many children decided to make their own books in class. Below is a sample of a few showing the varying degrees of maturity in the children’s writing within the class. It is so exciting seeing our children want to write and become authors and story tellers themselves.

We also had a visit from a local parent author who read her recently produced book to the whole class which inspired lots of questioning about the meaning of ‘peace’ and the acceptance of others who may look and dress differently. It is so important in our society to live our value tolerance and to embrace difference as a positive and exciting part of life.

We’re doing brilliantly with our ‘take away’ problems and many of the children are already writing number sentences to show this. Next week our math focus is on doubling numbers.

We are continuing with our growing theme and inspired by Lela will be growing cress to eat in the classroom for snack. What a healthy option.

Owen received the award for perseverance this week and we had many positive things to say about him.

We do hope you all like your Mother’s day cards. Each one is uniquely beautiful.

Have a very happy weekend and if you get a chance for a walk, please point out to your children the presence of Spring in the landscape, such as buds appearing and blossom in the trees. We will be going EGG crazy next week, looking for information about what hatches out of eggs.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy our snapshot of the week.