Happy Easter from Reception

What an eventful last day we have had.

The children sang beautifully and remembered the actions to the ‘Great Big God’ song in Church this morning and showed off their amazing Easter Gardens where they placed Jesus in the tomb and rolled a rock in front. It was a very touching service and we returned to school for some healthy eating, polishing off the fruit supply before heading into the garden for our Easter hunt. There was much estimating and counting of eggs before we polished them off. What a wonderful way to end the session giving rise to thoughts of new beginnings next term. The ‘New Beginnings’ theme these past few weeks has been a very meaningful way of explaining Christ’s dying and resurrection to these young children. We celebrated the new beginnings for our chicks who have gone off to their farm life. I am pleased to say that the two chicks helped along on Monday have survived and are healthy little hens. One was aptly named ‘Happy Feet’ and is a sign that perseverance pays off as he had been pipping since midday Friday.

Changes are ahead in the role play area and the children have voted for the chick’s home to be turned into a ‘Baby sensory play area’. Thank you Oscar for that little bit of inspiration and another example of new beginnings. This is particularly meaningful as so many of the children have younger siblings and babies at home and Kairos’s family now have a new baby sister. Congratulations to his family and we hope everyone is well. If you have a lava lamp or any visual displays which you feel might be useful in this area then please do bring along at the beginning of next term as I am a little perplexed about what we may need to furnish this area.

Happy Easter to you all. There is no specific homework other than to keep estimating, counting, adding and subtracting small amounts with your children. Please too can you share books with your children regularly, noticing any digraphs and trigraphs and tricky words within them.

See you all soon.

Here is a final picture of ‘Happy Feet’ and friends and a pictures of the teams who created the Easter Gardens.