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Can you help us?

Can you help us?
…… Come on, why don’t you get involved?

Why would you want to?
We firmly believe that your child will learn best and make the most of the opportunities that their school experience offers, when home and school work together in a close and mutually supportive partnership.

The effects of helping in school are far greater than you might at first think: –

Your CHILD… feels that you care and want to be part of their school life, feels that they can share it with you and you will understand, feels that you value what they do in school and in turn value it more themselves.

Your child’s TEACHER… feels supported; can offer more activities and opportunities and reach more children than they can without your support; recognises that your child‟s education is important to you.

YOU… gain some insight into the organisation of school life; have a greater understanding of its pressures and complexities as well as its values and fun; can see your child in the context of their day; have some shared knowledge when your child wants to talk about what they have done/their concerns/their joys; gain satisfaction from being able to help and even… enjoy yourself and perhaps learn something new!

We hope that you will want to become as fully involved in school life as possible.

There are many opportunities to support just by being there and talking about it later with your child.
For example:

  • Attending your child’s Class Assemblies
  • Sharing in our School Church Services at St. Andrew’s Church (four per year in school time)
  • Watching your child with pride in their concerts and performances
  • Cheering your child on at sporting events and fixtures
  • Supporting your child at after-school clubs or activities.

There are many opportunities to support by lending a hand. Many parents and friends help in school with a wide range of activities.
These include:

  • Supporting the class on school trips and outings
  • Art and craft
  • Taking part in hands-on special events or visiting workshops e.g. Science Week
  • Cooking
  • Shared reading
  • Reading activities. Each class has reading time for the first 20 minutes of each day, when many parents stay to help with reading activities. This is an excellent opportunity to support your child and their peers – at a time when you would be at school anyway and even if you only have a few minutes to spare.

There are ALWAYS jobs to be done by a spare pair of hands in a range of ways that is only limited by our imagination!
No experience or knowledge is required. Volunteer helpers/parents are given any support necessary. All you need is a wish to be actively involved in your child’s education and to be part of the St. Andrew’s family.
Please speak to the School Office if you would like to help in school. Following County Guidelines all volunteer helpers/ parent helpers are asked to complete a simple DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service), which is free of charge to you and which we will help you to complete if you want us to.