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Inspection Reports

Ofsted Report

Pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is at the heart of everything that is taught in the school.
(Ofsted, November 2014)

Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school.  ‘We are like one big family’, one parent told an inspector.
(Ofsted, November 2014)

Pupils display a great deal of consideration for each other and are very polite. They see each other as members of the school family.  They comfort each other if upset and are exceptionally accepting and supporting of each other.
(Ofsted, November 2014)

Christian values reinforce exemplary behaviour. Pupils are proud of their school.
(Ofsted, November 2014)

SIAMS (National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) Report

We are proud to report that St Andrew’s Primary School was awarded an outstanding SIAMS report in June 2015.

Subject Inspection – ICT – November 2011

Following our Subject Inspection for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) during November 2011, St. Andrew’s Primary school was awarded a ‘Good’ status in every aspect – achievement, quality of teaching, quality of the curriculum, the effectiveness of leadership and management in ICT and the Overall Effectiveness of ICT.

Here are some excerpts from the report:

  • Pupils enjoy using ICT. This is reflected in their support for each other in lessons and in their good, and often outstanding, behaviour. They are enthusiastic about ICT and display a good awareness of how it supports their learning in a range of subjects.
  • The curriculum is well-planned and meets pupils’ needs and interests. Meaningful links are made between ICT and literacy, numeracy and foundation subjects
  • Self-evaluation is accurate. The strengths and areas for development are known and there is a clear vision for the development of ICT shared by staff, parents, governors and pupils.

Since this time both our aging ICT suite and elderly website have undergone complete replacement and are now modern and fit for purpose!