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silver awardAt St. Andrew’s we want to do what we can to look after our school and its grounds, but also to look after our world.  This is something that God tells us to do, but also it is something that we need to do so that the world continues to exist in a healthy way for our sakes and the sake of everyone on the planet, both now and in the future.

Pretty big job eh?

St. Andrew’s holds the silver Eco-School Award and this is what we are already doing…….

  • We have an Eco-Club called the Eco-Warriors who meet fortnightly to plan activities, and feedback to the rest of the school. It is made up of two children from each year group from Year 1 to Year 6. The children are chosen by their classmates because they know that they will take this important job seriously.
  • Each term we take part in a school assembly so that the rest of the school knows what we have been doing and so that we can ask them how to help us to do more.
  • We take part in Walk-to-School week twice every year and award the class with the most Green Journeys the Golden Boot award.
  • We take part in the annual Woodland Trust tree planting initiative, so that the number of trees and bushes in our grounds increases and provides shelter and food for all forms of local wildlife – including us! (But not the food!)
  • As part of our Travel Plan, every class takes part in some road safety training so that we will be safe when we use alternative means, such as scooting, to help us make green journeys to school.
  • We have scooter pods and bike racks available for everyone to use so that we can store our scooters and bikes safely when we ride them to school.
  • We compost our snack waste every day to provide compost for our garden.
  • We switch of electrical items that aren’t in use and each class has a designated Energy Enforcer.
  • We monitor the amount of electricity we use.
  • We are a HEALTHY SCHOOL.
  • We recycle and reuse all paper in school and monitor the number of paper towels used.
  • We learn about the wider world and environmental issues in class.
  • We sponsor a school in the village of Fass in the Gambia, Africa and in September Mr. Jarra, the headteacher, is coming to our school to tell us more about his school and how we can help.
  • We hold an annual Eco-Day where the whole school, along with parents and the local community, learn about the environment and carry out practical eco activities, such as making bird feeders, weeding our outside classroom or looking for art in nature. We have great fun while we are learning how to help our environment or are doing something to help it.