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On this page you will find a full list of all the hard-working staff at our school.

Leadership Team

Mrs Helen Gillingham – Headteacher
Mr Andrew Price – Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Maria Dixon – INCo (Inclusion Coordinator) SENCO
Mr Alastair Cooper – 
Key Stage 2 Coordinator
Mrs Carolina Davey – Key Stage 1 & Early Years Coordinator

Teaching Staff

Miss Jessica Bowie – Nursery
Mrs Angie Lewis – Reception
Miss Hannah Muncey –  Year 1
Mrs Carolina Davey – Year 2
Mr Joshua Chesterman – Year 3
Miss Jenny Sewell –  Year 4
Mr Andrew Price – Year 5 (3 days)
Mrs Natalie Thomas – Year 5 (2 days)
Mr Alastair Cooper – Year 6
Mrs Beryl Brown
Mrs Hilary Finn-Sambrook
Mrs Liz James
Supply Cover

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Mandy Moody – Nursery
Ms Sarah Trevett – Nursery
Ms Amanda Murray – Nursery, Reception
Mrs Julia Addy – Reception, Active Listener
Mrs Shirley Agyen – Reception
Mrs Wendy Randall – Year 1
Mrs Sonia Wright – Year 2
Mrs Sam Robb – Year 3 & 5
Ms Penny Flowers – Year 3 (mornings)
Ms Lucy Hayes – Year 4
Mrs Jacqui Hoskin – Year 6
Mrs Elaine Sutcliffe – Reception, Year 2, Inclusion, Whole School Autism Lead
Mrs Georgette Lovell – SEN LSA (afternoons)

Office Staff

Mrs Teresa Fowle –  Secretary
Mrs Jo Zaffuto – Administrative Assistant
Mrs Catherine Moorcroft – Administrative Assistant
Mrs Dawn Gardner – Administrative Assistant
Mrs Sarah Hall – Administrative Assistant

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Samara Partridge – Cook in Charge
Mrs Jane Davenport – Assistant Cook
Mrs Kasey Barnard- General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Wendy Randall – Playleader
Mrs Shirley Agyen – Midday Supervisory Assistant
Ms Lucy Hayes – Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Melanie Sovitch – Midday Supervisory Assistant
Ms Sarah Webb – Midday Supervisory Assistant


Mr Peter Flaxton – Caretaker

Other Staff

Mr Mike Emerson – Peripatetic Music Teacher – piano and keyboard
Mr Mike Fone – Peripatetic Music Teacher – brass instruments
Mr Brad Holmes – IT technician
Mr Gerry King – Road Crossing Patrol