Good Morning Nursery,

I hope you are all keeping well, I am missing you all.  How are you finding home learning?  I hope you are enjoying it and I hope you are being good for your families.  Parents how are you?  What do you think about these blogs? Are they keeping you busy or would you like more ideas, perhaps some more creative activities  the children can try to do independently?    Please email me with any suggestions or requests! This is a learning curve for me too 🙂

Today you could do a phonics activity on the website ‘Phonics Play’.  You can access it for free, here are the details:

Website  https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Username march20

Password home

Go to Phase 1.   Click on ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ first – listen for the rhyming words.   Then click on ‘Cake Bake’,  listen carefully and see if you can hear which words rhyme.

A follow on activity you could do is to practise singing some nursery rhymes and listen for the rhyming words. E.g. Sing ‘Twinkle, twinkle’.  Which word rhymes with star?  Which word rhymes with high?  See if you can sing some more nursery rhymes and listen for the rhyming words independently.

Read a rhyming story.  If you have rhyming books at home that is fantastic, I have attached a list of rhyming books for you to check out – they are all on you tube.

Maths – Log in to mini mash, go to the ‘Numbers and Counting’section (click on the 3D shape bricks), click on the arrow to scroll across , click on measuring, then select ‘2.find the tallest’.

Have a good day,

Miss Bowie

Rhyming-books.docx (7 downloads)