Hello Nursery

Below is the link to the BBC good food website where you will find the recipe for easy Easter nests.
You can help get the ingredients ready, weigh or measure to make sure you have the right amount, and break up the chocolate. Notice what is happening to the chocolate!
Help to stir it thoroughly, then you can spoon it into cake cases. Have fun, I hope you enjoy making them as much as you enjoy eating them!

Mini mash maths activities for today can be accessed by logging on to minimash, click on the shapes to enter the ‘numbers and counting’ area, select ‘Maths City’, then click on the farmyard area. There are a couple of videos and some activities you can do.

Check out a story on the cbeebies website.


Here is a link to some Cosmic Yoga to keep your healthy and active!

Enjoy your day!

Miss Bowie