Hello Nursery,

Hope you are all well. Some ideas for today:

Literacy: You could do a rhyming game, Phonics Play website have downloadable resources –a ‘Rhyming Pairs’ sheet. You could print it out and cut up the cards if you have a printer, or just look at it on screen and listen to the rhyming words and pair them up. I have attached it below.

For maths you could explore shape by doing a construction type activity, perhaps you could build a house for a ladybird?! You could use duplo or construction toys, or you could use natural resources such as sticks and leaves. Talk about the shapes and sizes as you build, using maths language such as big, small, long, short, tall, straight, round, edges, thin, pointy etc. I would love to see any pictures, you can email me any updates to nursery@standrews323.herts.sch.uk

I won’t be posting tomorrow as it is bank holiday, perhaps you can find out about VE day and prepare something to celebrate. You could make a flag or some bunting, bake some scones or cakes or decorate biscuits with icing sugar!
Enjoy the long weekend!

Miss Bowie

RhymingPairs.pdf (13 downloads)