Hello Nursery,

Following on from the story ‘Superworm’ here are some ideas you could do this week:

Use some playdough ( or string) to make a worm family. You could make them of different lengths and compare which is the longest and shortest.

Make an instrument to play as you say the chant from Superworm. You could use a plastic bottle and fill it with dry rice / pasta / beans to make a shaker.

Think of who is a Superhero to you. You could draw or paint a picture or make a model of them.

You could make a superhero prop –a wrist band, a head band with eye holes cut out, a magic wand, a cape or anything else you can think of!

Hope these ideas will inspire your creativity and keep you busy through the week. Enjoy the sun, remember to wear sun cream when you are outside!

Miss Bowie