Good morning Nursery,

Remember this is your home learning time, you can do as much or as little as you like. Your time in free play is the most important! You can choose what you would like to do following your interests. Tell your parents what you are doing, explaining your games and your thinking. They may have questions or ideas about what you are doing.
Do try to keep active, you could use Joe Wickes, Go Noodle, Cosmic Yoga or any other children’s online workout videos. Or just keep active by getting in a garden or outdoor space, going for a walk or bike ride.

For today’s suggested activities you could do the following:
Literacy: Focus on rhyme.
Read a rhyming book, or watch a you tube video of a rhyming book. (See list of suggested ones below, I recommend Each Peach Pear Plum for today). See if you can hear which words rhyme? When you are playing this week, listen out for any rhyming words or make up your own rhyming words.

Maths: Focus on recognising numerals and counting.
On mini mash, click on the pin icon so the ‘numbers’ pin appears, select ‘jigsaw’ either the 4 piece or 6 piece and select which puzzle you would like to do. See which numerals you can recognise or if you can count the number of items correctly.

Topic work: Focus Butterfly symmetrical art.
Have a look on mini mash, select the ‘minibeast’ pin, click on ‘paint projects’ then ‘butterfly’ and you can create a pattern and colour the butterfly. You will notice how it completes the opposite side of the butterfly too, so that there is a symmetrical pattern.
If you would like a challenge you could create your own picture of a butterfly. If you have paints you could paint one side of the butterfly then fold the paper in half to print the paint on the other side so it is symmetrical. If you don’t have paint then perhaps see if you can decorate your butterfly symmetrically by doing the same colours or pattern on each side.

Enjoy your day!

Miss Bowie