Hi Nursery,
I hope you are well. Here are some activity ideas for today.
Literacy: Focus on rhyme.
Go to the Phonics Play website, you can log in for free with the username: march 20 password: home.
Click on Phase 1, select the game ‘Cake bake’ and choose a word to rhyme with.
When you are eating a meal or a snack today, see if you can think of a word that rhymes eg if you are eating meat, think of a word like seat or heat, some words may be tricky – you could make up a silly nonsense word to rhyme!

Maths: Focus on numeral recognition.
On mini mash, select the ‘numbers’ pin, then ‘paint projects’ then choose a number (1-5).
Can you remember the rhymes that go with them?
1:Start at the top and down we run,
That’s the way we make a one.
2: Around and back on a railroad track,
Two , two, two.
3: Around the tree and around the tree,
That’s the way we make a three.
4: Down and over, down some more
That’s the way we make a four
5: Down and around then a flag on high,
That’s the way we make a five.

Topic: Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Check out the Year 1 page on the school website, you will be able to see some photos and video of caterpillars!

Enjoy the sunshine today, I hope you can get outside and look for some butterflies and other mini beasts!

Miss Bowie