Good morning Nursery

Here are some ideas for you for today.

Literacy: Recap on the book The Very Busy Spider, which animals can you remember from the book? Can you remember what happens in the story? Watch again and see if you can join in with the repeated phrases.

Maths: Log in to mini mash, select the ‘shapes’ pin, select the jigsaw section and choose a shape puzzle.

Topic: Spider creations! You could do any type of art or DT activity you would like over the week. Here are some ideas you could do: Paint a picture of a spider, use playdough and lolly sticks/ straws to make some spider models, cut up some paper / cardboard, string or any other resources you have to create a spider, make a spider web picture with glue and glitter. Below is a link you can look at for inspiration.

Enjoy your day,
Miss Bowie