Good morning Nursery,

Monday again already, can you sing our Days of the week song?

“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, BOO!

Thursday, Friday, Yoo hoo hoo!

Saturday, Sunday,  tra la la,

The whole weeks over cha cha cha,

The whole weeks over cha cha cha,

The whole weeks over CHA CHA CHA!”

I have chosen the book ” A squash and a squeeze” by Julia Donaldson for you to read this week.  If you don’t have the book at home, you can watch it being read on you tube – link below.  Listen for the words that rhyme, can you tell me two words you can hear that rhyme?   You could email me them at the nursery email address.   Perhaps you can draw a picture of your home and the people who live in it.  You could add in some of the animals from the story, I wonder how many of the animals you can remember!

See  if you can find any other books at home that have rhyming words.

Has anyone done a number hunt or a shape hunt around your home yet?  Perhaps you could have a look today and see what numbers you can find.  I would love to see any photos.

If you have a dice at home you could play a game rolling the dice, counting the dots, then doing that number of actions – jumps, hops, or claps etc.  See if you could do this on your own.

Remember you can access Mini mash if you like and have a look at the ‘Growth’ section.

On Thursday I was thinking you might like to make some Easter nests (as a maths activity).  Maybe you can ask you parents if they can get the ingredients in the next few days.   BBC Good food have an ‘easy Easter nest’ recipe.   You will need:

200g milk chocolate

85g Shredded wheat ( You can also use cornflakes)

200g Mini Chocolate eggs

(You will also need cupcake cases)


Have a great day and enjoy your learning,

Miss Bowie