Hello Nursery,

How are you today?

As it is Tuesday and we would usually be having our class Collective Worship, I thought we could think about how and why  Christians celebrate Easter.   Can you talk to your family for a few minutes about Easter? What do people do to celebrate Easter?  Do you know why Christians celebrate Easter?

Easter is about celebrating new life!  In Spring time there are baby animals being born and lots of things growing!  Below is a link to a video of chicks hatching, this is one of Mrs Trevett’s favourites! Can you have a think about what other animals come out of an egg?  If you are not sure, you could ask someone to help you find out, maybe you have a book at home or you could look on the internet.


You may like to sing and dance to one of our favourite songs, see link below!

On Mini mash, if you go to the ‘Growth’ section which is pinned, choose a pairs game and ‘Growing’  to see if you can match the pictures.

Remember to keep reading, especially any rhyming books you have!

Tuesday afternoon children could go for a nature walk or go out in the garden, perhaps take some pencils and paper with you so you could do an observational drawing, like we did a few weeks ago at Forest School.

Enjoy your day!

Miss Bowie



Please email me with any work or photos you have and I can share them on here if you like. Here are some so far!

“We have been doing lots of fun things. Been on a nature walk which we see ducks, bumble bees and daffodils.”

“We have done some science experiments using food colouring to see what happens with mixing colours and using light.”