Children’s updates and You can Toucan

Thank you for your messages this week about what you have been doing. Here are a few:

Joey enjoyed the Very Busy Spider story, he has been drawing spider pictures and counting the legs!
He has had fun playing games on Phonics Play.

Archie has been drawing animal pictures and writing about them, he has also been planting sunflower seeds – I wonder how tall they will grow?!

Caitlin has been very interested in ‘witch school’ and has been dressing up as a witch! She has done a beautiful picture of a butterfly too.

Hudson drew and cut out a spider picture, then stuck it on a spider web he made with glitter glue. He even added some flies too!

The ‘You can, Toucan’ certificate this week goes to………………. Jack Wilson! He has set up a toy shop in front of his house and has been selling his toys to raise money for the NHS! What a fantastic idea to do something to help others Jack, it is very kind of you to give up your toys to sell to others. You are an inspiration Jack!

Here is a link from a parent, it is a book you can download to read about corona virus and living in lockdown.

Keep up the good work everyone!

Miss Bowie